Make a sentence

Supported tags

Here's a list of currently supported tags

My favorite colors: [rep:2]{<color>}

Supported tokens

Here's a list of the currently supported tokens

<preposition> <firstname> <activity> <adj>
<adv> <amount> <color> <conj>
<country> <emo> <em> <face>
<greet> <surname> <noun> <sound>
<title> <place> <prefix> <prepos>
<pron> <quality> <rel> <sconj>
<substance> <timeadv> <timenoun> <unit>
<verbimg> <say> <verb> <vocal> <yn>

Supported Filters

Many of the tokens have filters. The filters will show up as hints when you type in text in the inpux box above.
<activity video>,  <country oceania>, <firstname male>,
<noun ball> and many more. You can use space or dash
to separate tokens and filters so <activity video> and <activity-video>
are both valid.

Plural and conjugation

Tokens such as <noun>, <adv>, <place> (and more) can have a plural attribute. Eg:
<noun plural>, <adv plural>, <place plural>

Verbs can be conjugated by adding: simple, ing, ed, s, er, pp. Eg:
<verb ing> <verb ed>
<verb s> <verb er>
<verb violent er>